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Kokomo Lookbook

Kokomo is the fictional beachside paradise described by the Beach Boys in their catchy 1980s hit. It is an imagined place that we all have nostalgia for. It promises us a Summer, one of simple joy, physical freedom and human connection.
In PICHULIK’s SS22 Kokomo Collection, we delight in the simple pleasures of Summer. No exotic jet-set locations, or fine dining extravaganzas, but rather the tartrazine stains of a too-sweet ice lolly at the local pool or beach. Splitting a juicy watermelon bare-legged on a balcony with your best friend. Spontaneous ocean swims in your underwear, too quick to remove your jewellery. Balmy evenings of impromptu potluck dinners with friends after languid days at the beach. Tipsy sea breeze evenings of barefooted dancing to songs you all remember.

PICHULIK’s Kokomo promises the feeling of the best Summer, no plans, simple sensuality and the true luxury of human connections.