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7 Curiosities to enliven your every day
by Katherine-Mary Pichulik
  1. When taking your morning shower, add two drops of Rose Geranium oil to give you that Spa treatment feeling. It immediately brings the sensual to a morning routine.
  2. Think of a question you would like answered for the day. It can be simple or profound. Imagine that your day will be designed to answer that question. Lookout and record an unusual animal that passes your way, or a repetitive number that reoccurs on values of receipts or car licence plates. At the end of the day look this sighting up with the simple Google search of “ The symbolism of …. 555/ an owl” and see if it somehow relates to your question.
  3. Create a playlist of your three favourite feel-good songs. These songs must invoke a combination of nostalgia, possibility and bad-ass-ness. Mine currently includes Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin - I Like It [Official Music Video]. This playlist must be played either whilst dressing for your day or in transit to your day. 
  4. Jump on the spot 100 times. Whenever I feel stuck, I jump on the spot 100 times, it gets my lymphatic system working, my heart pounding and when I finish I close my eyes and feel my blood circulating through my body. It is a quick “ I am alive” boost.
  5. When travelling on your daily commute, try to see if you can spot people engaged in a noticeable infectious laugh with one another. I recently drove past a couple in their late fifties, driving a Toyota Land Cruiser hysterically laughing with one another. I felt like I picked up a portion of their momentary happiness on the drive-by!
  6. Prepare yourself a special meal, only for you! Yes, this means making dreamy Birchers Muesli to eat in the morning decorated with pomegranate seeds. A layered Consol Jar salad with an exquisite dressing. Set a time to eat it, Google calender it as though it is a very important date. Remove your phone from your sight, and enjoy!
  7. Before bed, as you switch off your lights, invoke a  memory of a family member who you loved who has passed away. Imagine the smell of them, perhaps an ordinary detail such as their wrist or their hairline. Imagine their warm beaming energy loving you and joining you as you transition to rest. This simple ritual invites in your ancestors to help you transition the day.