Heroine necklace

The Heroine neckpiece is named after the Hero's Journey - the Mythic Structure of Joseph Campbell's Monomyth. This adjustable neckpiece with its fanned formation of Zebu horn and Jasper has both a primal and antiquities aesthetic - fit for mythical heroines. When one's life is seen as a hero's journey, and each stage part of a grander epic narrative, we give meaning, depth and understanding to the symbols, details and characters that arrive on our path. Beyond the seemingly chaotic moments that might occur, dark valleys of introspection and fear- we are instilled with bravery and purpose. This neckpiece reinstates the magic of the greatest heroines who have gone before us.
Braid rope hand embellished with horn discs, jasper stones, brass and gilt-plated beads with custom brass adjustable caps.
This neckpiece weighs 44 grams, and is 240 mm in length (adjustable).