Picasso necklace

This Picasso statement neck piece is a combination of harlequin woven rope and hand painted recycled glass beads. Harlequin was one of Picasso's favourite alter egos that he saw as the greatest disguise - able to be triumphant over death. Although we are all mortal, we do have the option to master our own cycles of change and flux - and find ease in these transitions. Always remember at the other side of the ending of things is the great renewal.
Dynamic rope adorned with recycled glass trade bead from West Africa. Embellished with wax cotton thread and brass caps.
This necklace weighs 100g and is 26cm in length.
*Trade beads are precious glass, horn, bone and ceramic beads that were circulated among the African and European trade routes. They were originally used as currency between Europe and Africa dating back to the 17th century. Current African trade beads are a mix of antique tribal pieces as well as more recent reproductions. These beads are relics of tribal trade and often include hand markings, irregularities in finishing natural patinas and tool marks*