Memory Shell earrings

R 980.00

Memory shell piece is your signal and receptor to your heart's knowing. When we were little, we would take shells and put them against our ears, always thinking it was the ocean's waves echoing back, but in fact it was the resonance of our hearts. This cast shell is that! May it amplify the sound of your heart, its needs, aches and healing.
Material Detail
Brass cast shell earrings.
Jewelers brass is composed of Copper and Zinc. Brass has metaphysical healing properties to boost the immune system and give courage.
This product weighs 2g and is 6cm long.
The Pichulik Select Collection is synonymous with custom-shaped brass and gold elements, embellished with fresh water pearls and antique glass beads.
Pichulik is an ethical jewellery, accessories atelier based in Cape Town, South Africa. Rooted in Africa, and inspired by ancient traditions and cultures around the world, Pichulik uses the language of African artistry and ornamentation to create sculptural jewellery pieces that celebrate empowering feminine narratives. Each piece is a talisman, handcrafted from unexpected organic and cast materials, and transformed into distinctive and unique forms
*Please allow an extra 3-4 days for production.
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