Menat necklace

R 850.00

Menat is the Ancient Egyptian amulet worn to secure divine protection. May this statement neckpiece protect you through transformations and transitions.
This necklace weighs 63 grams and is adjustable.
Material Detail
Sculptural soft braided rope necklace with adjustable strap.
The brass components is Jewelers brass and is composed of Copper and Zinc. Brass has metaphysical healing properties to boost the immune system and give courage.
This Collection celebrates the regenerative forces of the cycles of rebirth. Like the sesen, the lotus flower depicted in ancient Egyptian artworks, we too can emerge at daybreak wading through the mud and water to greet the sun. Silhouettes are sculptural, monolithic and timeless. The palette and materials are elemental and primordial. Each piece is talismanic, intentioned to protect the wearer and ward off negative forces during these transitional times. In Nascent, ancient wisdom greets the temporal with the sage of the eternal.
Born in Cape Town, Pichulik handcrafts distinctive sculptural pieces that celebrate ancient African cultures and empowering feminine narratives.
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