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Our PICHULIK Jozi store opened at Work Shop New Town on 25 November. It is

large airy building opposite the Market Theatre and we’re privileged to be under one 

historic roof with 100 local fashion, design and lifestyle brands.

Here are the two members of our Jozi team that you will meet.

Left: Shingi                                                      Right: Mel Muringani,

Left: Shingi                                                      Right: Mel Muringani,

First up is Mel Muringani, PICHULIK’s assistant designer and the store manager. 

Q: Mel, when did you join PICHULIK?

A: I’ve been with PICHULIK since it started over three years ago!

Q: What do you love about your job?

A: Being creative and working on new designs, getting inspiration and learning more 

from Kat every day. I love to use different materials and play around to create 

PICHULIK pieces.

Q: And now you’re also a store manager?

A: Yes! It’s challenging as I am learning to manage the store and more about the 

business side of things. It’s hard but it’s all about growth and understanding the 


Q: Do you design pieces yourself?

A: Yes, my Mel bracelet and Egyptian earrings have become popular, which I’m 

thrilled about.

Q: What’s the PICHULIK shop at the Work Shop like?

A: It’s incredibly elegant with black, gold and marble. I love it!


Q: Do you have a favourite PICHULIK piece?

A: The fan, without doubt. It was one of the best sellers from the autumn/winter 2014 

collection and is still a favourite!

Q: You’re new to Jozi. How do you like it?

A: I love the people as they’re so friendly, young and vibey. I also love Braamfontein 

where I live. There are so many cool places like the Saturday Market and it’s close to 

the Work Shop.

Then there’s Trish Pichulik, my mom, who will support the Jo’burg team.

Left: Katherine-Mary Pichulik                         Right: Trish Pichulik

Left: Katherine-Mary Pichulik                         Right: Trish Pichulik

Q: So, Pichulik joins PICHULIK?

A: Yes, it’s fantastic to work with such a creative and young team and to be part of 

the Jozi store.

Q:  What will your role be?

A:  I’ll wear the jewellery and make sure that there always are fresh flowers! 

I hope to play more of a supportive role and mentor Mel and the growth of the 


Q: Which of your daughter’s pieces do you like best? 

A: I’m loving the Collier Noir for evening, Royal Blue Bell for hot summer days and, 

of course, Mel’s bracelet.

Q: What about the Nolita espadrille range?

A: Yes! They’re great for the sun, sea and summer!

Q: Where can we find the Jozi store?

A: The Work Shop, New Town, New Town Junction, 100 Carr Street (lots of 

underground parking!)