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There are two Istanbuls to be explored, a discovery made on the journey to Pichulik’s Spring Summer range.

One is historic - an ancient city of three great empires, leaving behind statuesque walls, Ottoman mosques, and a memoir of sensuous adornment. It’s an intriguing history of gold and silver and Mediterranean mother-of-pearl, of smooth silks and ivory, intimate taverns, Balkan rhythms, spiced fruit and syrupy treats. The modern Istanbul shows off their jeweled past majestically – a time when ornamentation was cherished and prized. 

The other is the modern Istanbul, a vibrant cosmopolitan center with a chaotic collision of hustle and bustle.  White jasmine, roasted hazelnuts, and the tempting aromas of rich coffee and rose and orange Turkish delight between intricate mosaic and sleek city silhouettes. It is a metropolis of lush colours; a patterned crossroads between the East and the West.


Immerse yourself into an intriguing world of exotic Oriental spices, bundles of dried apricots, flea-market charm and incense, and the shimmering light that lingers between a skyline of minarets. Float back to a time adorned in precious stones; a time of Ottoman Empire opulence and sumptuous living.

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