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Introducing Beatrice, in PICHULIK by Nadya, Autumn/Winter 2016


Introducing Beatrice, in PICHULIK by Nadya, Autumn/Winter 2016

Q: When did you join PICHULIK Beatrice?

I’ve been at PICHULIK since March 2016.

Q: What will your role be?

I will be taking on the role of Brand and Operations manager.

Q: That’s an interesting combination.

Yes, it’s an interesting challenge. As the Brand manager, I will be ensuring that our product and

everything we do resonates with our customers. And as the Operations manager, I monitor the daily

operations making sure our Studio runs smoothly and our orders get to our customers on time.

Q: What do you love about your job?

I love working with such a dynamic group of people and knowing that we are producing beautiful

product that empowers, excites and connects women. The company is also at a really exciting point

right now and I am thrilled to be part of that process.

Q: Which are your favourite pieces?

I absolutely love so many pieces from the AW16 collection. The Sekhmet solar disk, Cosmic Balance and

Fire in the sky pendants don’t leave my neck.






Our PICHULIK Jozi store opened at Work Shop New Town on 25 November. It is

large airy building opposite the Market Theatre and we’re privileged to be under one 

historic roof with 100 local fashion, design and lifestyle brands.

Here are the two members of our Jozi team that you will meet.

Left: Shingi                                                      Right: Mel Muringani,

Left: Shingi                                                      Right: Mel Muringani,

First up is Mel Muringani, PICHULIK’s assistant designer and the store manager. 

Q: Mel, when did you join PICHULIK?

A: I’ve been with PICHULIK since it started over three years ago!

Q: What do you love about your job?

A: Being creative and working on new designs, getting inspiration and learning more 

from Kat every day. I love to use different materials and play around to create 

PICHULIK pieces.

Q: And now you’re also a store manager?

A: Yes! It’s challenging as I am learning to manage the store and more about the 

business side of things. It’s hard but it’s all about growth and understanding the 


Q: Do you design pieces yourself?

A: Yes, my Mel bracelet and Egyptian earrings have become popular, which I’m 

thrilled about.

Q: What’s the PICHULIK shop at the Work Shop like?

A: It’s incredibly elegant with black, gold and marble. I love it!


Q: Do you have a favourite PICHULIK piece?

A: The fan, without doubt. It was one of the best sellers from the autumn/winter 2014 

collection and is still a favourite!

Q: You’re new to Jozi. How do you like it?

A: I love the people as they’re so friendly, young and vibey. I also love Braamfontein 

where I live. There are so many cool places like the Saturday Market and it’s close to 

the Work Shop.

Then there’s Trish Pichulik, my mom, who will support the Jo’burg team.

Left: Katherine-Mary Pichulik                         Right: Trish Pichulik

Left: Katherine-Mary Pichulik                         Right: Trish Pichulik

Q: So, Pichulik joins PICHULIK?

A: Yes, it’s fantastic to work with such a creative and young team and to be part of 

the Jozi store.

Q:  What will your role be?

A:  I’ll wear the jewellery and make sure that there always are fresh flowers! 

I hope to play more of a supportive role and mentor Mel and the growth of the 


Q: Which of your daughter’s pieces do you like best? 

A: I’m loving the Collier Noir for evening, Royal Blue Bell for hot summer days and, 

of course, Mel’s bracelet.

Q: What about the Nolita espadrille range?

A: Yes! They’re great for the sun, sea and summer!

Q: Where can we find the Jozi store?

A: The Work Shop, New Town, New Town Junction, 100 Carr Street (lots of 

underground parking!)







I spent two months over June and July in Tuscany, where I became acquainted with the best summer drink- the Aperol spritz. It became a definitive smell and taste that forever will take me back to the languid heat of Villa Lena and what that experience meant to me both creatively and personally. As, the southern hemisphere heats up for our summer fun, I would like to share this easy drinking treat ( see recipe below),  and encourage you to have a little sensual seaside fun and get up to some mischief this silly season..

Read more about my Villa lena residency experience HERE & HERE.

How to make an Aperol spritz

3 parts Prosecco, 2 parts Aperol and 1 part soda


45 ml Aperol Aperitif

90 ml Prosecco (or another dry Sparkling white wine)

30 ml Soda Water

Orange Wedge to garnish


  1. Pour Prosecco into a glass over ice.
  2. Add a dash of Soda and top with Aperol.
  3. Gently stir with a spoon.
  4. Garnish with orange wedge.




PICHULIK collaborated with ADRIAAN KUITERS X JODY PAULSEN for their SS15,  where our aesthetic perfectly complimented the on-trend sporty-meets-arty collection and fabrics. 

This time around we get to work together under their curated concept store AK|JP, alongside other brands such as Drotsky and Steffany Roup. The PICHULIK SS16 collection is now available at AK|JP Collective, 73 Kloof St, Gardens, Cape Town.


PICHULIK celebrates Summer with a collaboration fit for sun, sea and skinny dips.


PICHULIK celebrates Summer with a collaboration fit for sun, sea and skinny dips.

Each summer, PICHULIK explores their visual language through a collaboration. This summer PICHULIK re-imagines the southern european staple- the espadril.

Espadril is a South African shoe brand based in Cape Town. Founded by South African Rizqah Isaacs and Spanish Patricia Terre.

The collection is designed in Cape Town and the special process of manufacturing happens between Spain and South Africa.

See below some of our inspiration pictures- the collaboration will be showcased on the 27th November and available to order from mid December.


A little bit of light: diary entry two


A little bit of light: diary entry two

Summer solstice in the Northern hemisphere falls on 21 June and while we’re planning a huge feast and ceremony to celebrate it at Villa Lena, I reflect upon the last week and how it has brought a metaphorical beginning and end in the year.

In Florence, Turin and Genoa, the solstice celebrations coincide with San Giovanni Day, the birthday of Saint John the Baptist, their patron saint, on the 24th, making this an extra festive period.

Lola, one of the residents, and her mother, Jacqueline, cooked a magnificent tagine that we ate under the stars. Mark Borthwick played an intuitive acoustic guitar set to a magical montage of Lola’s films about the performance artist, Luigi Ontani. Each of us was invited to use one of Mark’s handmade instruments to contribute their own sound to the soundscape. At the same time, Liudmila a Russian painter, had her birthday and we celebrated both her and her daughters with intricate crowns made from flowers from the surrounding Tuscan countryside.

Thereafter we ushered in a Parisian-Jewish three-day wedding celebration with the villa forming a backdrop for gypsy music, DJs and a forest fairy-lit party staged around a unicorn sculpture. At night, the villa was covered in geometric projections, and we were chasing fireflies around the undulating landscapes. Magic was everywhere.

With all these festivities happening, it has brought me back to the essence of PICHULIK, to use ornamentation and ceremony to celebrate and honour the wearer. Jewellery has been and is an expression of this in many cultures from Berber to Yoruba, Hindu to Xhosa. Initiations into womanhood and marriage are all marked with specific ornamentation.

What I like about this is how it truly acknowledges someone and honours who they are, and invites reflection and prescience to that particular stage in their life.

We try to bring this level of intention to the pieces we make through the materials we source and the purposes they serve. The Agate Queen designed with agate stone embodies the bravery symbolised by the breastplates worn by West African warriors. Commissioned pieces and the process of embodying a woman’s history, past and present, by crafting personalised jewellery is depicted in PICHULIK’s collaboration with Kristin-Lee Moolman and Jackie Burger’s Salon 58.

An ex once said to me, while sitting at a Paris café, that he could not be with me as my sun was too bright and that there was no space for him to shine. As I spend time during this residency at Villa Lena with all the creative, talented and uniquely special people surrounding me, it is becoming clear that there is abundant space for everyone to shine, to be honoured and to contribute. The greatness of creativity is that it allows each person to celebrate their gift and their talent as an offering to the whole.

The summer solstice in Europe is a time when everyone shows gratitude for the half of the year that has passed and gives thanks for its abundance and challenges, and lets both go. It represents a pause, a time to usher in the new with a new set of intentions and goals. Tonight we are making a spread of vegetarian dishes using vegetables from the villa’s vegetable garden. Each person is bringing a dish they have made and an offering of their talents. I have made simple necklaces around which each person can wrap his intentions for the rest of the year as well as a long string to which they can attach their gratitude and the lessons of which they wish to let go. Soft Baroque is making a chair for a fireworks performance and Mckay Kcfadden is reading one of her favourite author’s musings on the sun.

See below a few captured moments.

We need to let go, in order to let in the new


Take courage, dear hearts.


With love,

Katherine-Mary Pichulik




















Letter from Villa Lena: diary entry one

The PICHULIK brand began on 36 hours of train rides through India. Trousseaus of found precious objects were wrapped and connected to form what would become part of our first collection, SS13, launched at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Travel and the aesthetics of religion and cultural heritage inspires our design process and narrative for each collection. Istanbul was the city that inspired our Baraka SS15 PICHULIK Collection. Last year June I ventured both sides of the Bospherous in search of components, colourways and materials. The SS15 Double Urchin neckpiece mimicked the arabesque curves of the roof mosaic of Sultanahmet; the Gold Queen Crown the gold embellishment from an antique hamam.

We want to take our community to the places that inspire us, take you on journeys, stimulate the imagination and instill the possibility to be inspired by anything we see.

AW15 anticipated my journey to Florence for an Italian art residency. Inspired by the heritage of Santa Maria Novella, Italian cinema and Renaissance art and architecture, this collection oozed 70s Italian vintage car racing in the Nostalgia necklace, Catherina de Medici’s heritage in Catherina's Ruff and the blue starry skies of Giotto in Angelo's wing.

SS16 is in incubation presently, as I roam the Tuscan countryside at the beautiful Villa Lena, just an hour outside Pisa and Firenze. Living in a commune of multidisciplinary artists from across the world, we get to unravel and experiment with new mediums and materials amongst the jasmine-scented air of the countryside. Cypress trees, wild fennel and a lazy pink dusk sets the backdrop for hours of listening to Fred Buscaglione in my converted stable turned ceramic studio.

Follow me as this collection manifests over the next two months. Along the way,expect some recipes, an introduction to the artists with whom I drink prossecchio with at night, the decadent decaying beauty of the Villa and process shots as I design, make and mold SS16.

This last week has been a wonderful ease into the rhythm of Tuscany. We live such busy lives, and I feel honoured to be able to slow down. To have this space to create makes me overflow with gratitude for my wonderful PICHULIK team.

When the sound of crickets and birds replace the hustle of the city, when long walks with vistas and collecting wild poppies become your daily outing- something in oneself starts to unbutton. Your thoughts begin by being in overdrive, trying to fill the languid time- they too, ease up and make way to finer observations. Colours present in Rosemary bushes are given moments for analysis, and the smells of wild mint carry ideas of colour palettes and shapes.

Slowing down, I have discovered can lead to greater productivity. Last night I was caught in my studio by an electric thunderstorm. As the olive branches danced to the rain and the Italian earth drank its waters - I wrapped and crafted a wall piece. These wall pieces and masks I am making here seem to be opening further investigation into my medium –rope. They continue to challenge and entice me to negotiate the same medium each season- forcing innovation and trust in the creative process.

See below some of the moments of the last week.

Follow us on Instagram for daily observations

It is beautiful to share this journey, and hopefully shows that creation and life is about seeing and perspective. Today I heard some heartbreaking news, and as the hurt lodged in my body, I sent my awareness out into the abundant beauty around me. It lifted the loss, and amplified that our viewpoint determines how we see and experience ourselves.


Hope you find beauty today, however small.

Beyond fear lies your greatness.

Take courage, dear heart



Love Katherine-Mary Pichulik







The Western Cape

Synonymous with a diversity of natural beauty, has an equally rich history of beautiful craft and design.

Our spectacular coastal landscape, the perpetual sounds of the sea, the rush of the wind, the complexity of the city, our diverse heritage and identities, the busy harbour, and the elements of nature – sea, light, animals, shells and fynbos – provides a contemporary living context for MAKE IT NEW, an exhibition showcasing significant objects produced in the Western Cape.

The CCDI exhibition explores relationships and connections across time. This starts with an exploration of how traces of our indigenous pasts and our global connections have shaped innovation and transformation; processes such as communication, the settlements of people, and the legacies of sea travel that marks the Cape as part of a network of ports have formed a locale for making beautiful things. Over 100 images from the Western Cape Museums’ archives and objects from antiquity and tradition are counterpoised with contemporary design objects, linking functionality, material or making methods. From the earliest human settlement, tool creation and body adornment, visitors will move through time to the finely crafted furniture and ceramics, and innovation found in the repurposing of materials.

The exhibition, featuring the work of over 160 designers and craft producers from all over the Western Cape, leads visitors on to a striking showcase of contemporary items, exploring local design sensibility, and through the disruptive layout and product selection it will prompt reflection on the nature of the Western Cape’s current design handwriting and the fusion – or not – of cultures and influences.

This contemporary showcase also explores how the Cape’s creative producers of today demonstrate design thinking, innovation and problem solving in a variety of ways, and how they are re-visiting the long established in a totally new way and making it new.

image (1).jpg

Kathrine-Mary PICHULIK interviewed on Expresso for Make It New Exhibition.

“We’re celebrating the talent we have in Cape Town, to not only produce beautiful things, but to ask challenging questions and begin to find interesting solutions. And we are absolutely celebrating the exhibiting cities that help people understand what we mean by design that transforms lives.” 

                                                                           -Alayne Reesberg





What is UPDOG you ask?

Well, UPDOG is a collaborative space that brings together brands and creatives to showcase and sell their best products under one roof. UPDOG will run from 28 November till 6 December at The Bello Studio at The Old Biscuit Mill, Cape Town. Trading hours 10am-5pm.

Come and join you are invited to the launch party.

So remember to look UP, dog.


Expect to find Baraka Spring Summer 2015, some of our Classic PICHULIK pieces and a few bespoke pieces inspired by the chrome Up Dog aesthetics.  

The Double Urchin Tuareg is an Arabic term meaning "ways" or "paths taken. Your statement PICHULIK neckpiece is inspired by the ornamented saddles of the Tuareg tribe. It inspires imagination, adventure and travel.  

The Double Urchin

Tuareg is an Arabic term meaning "ways" or "paths taken. Your statement PICHULIK neckpiece is inspired by the ornamented saddles of the Tuareg tribe.

It inspires imagination, adventure and travel.