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Courage is not defined by any demographic or by any specific act.
It is a conscious way of being,
of taking leaps of faith
into the unknown. 

Every act of being — an offering.


The courage to be creative when you don’t know where your art is taking you. Leaving when it is braver to walk away gracefully than to stay and fight. To show up at work even when your heart left with him. Giving up the corporate job to write that book that has been growing in you for years. Keeping her because you know she was meant to be born. Making those sandwiches at 5 am just the way he likes them. 


Meet our women and the
inspiring stories told through
PICHULIK jewellery.

Lucie De Moyencourt works as an architect, set designer and illustrator and painter. She has no formal training as a painter, but with an astute and sensitive way of observing her world she captures moments in time. She is an inspired and infectious woman whose work reverberates with her genuine passion for Africa, people and transformation. Her prolific filling of countless journals is a natural expression of her courageous commitment to "making" and the trust required in any creative process.


Lucie wears The Moor


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